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Yoga for Health, Happiness, and Inner Wellbeing.

Your physical health, your psychological well-being, and your spiritual possibility depend on how well aligned you are with existence. Essentially, Hatha yoga is towards establishing this alignment.

classical Hatha Yoga

“If you learn to use this body as an instrument, it is the most fantastic and powerful instrument on the planet.

Yoga is towards realizing this.” – Sadhguru


Recently, Yoga has seen a rapid rise in popularity and found a global presence. Although it is getting distorted and is being practiced with all kinds of manifestations and distortions, at least the word “Yoga” is getting global recognition. 

People have many notions of what Yoga could be or should be. One notion is getting into an extreme posture. “Yoga” literally means Union. It is not an exercise or a practice. Yoga is not about doing anything in particular, it is essentially a way to be. It is about experiencing the universality of who you are.

Hatha Yoga is derived from a holistic understanding of the mechanics of the human system. When done properly, this profound technology can change and enhance the way you think, feel and experience life.  We call it a technology, because if you practice it, it works irrespective of what your race, religion, culture, belief systems and gender are. It is essentially a science about creating a body that is not an obstacle in your life. The body becomes a stepping stone in the progress towards your ultimate well being.

Featured Programs

Take a step towards your wellbeing by learning these simple & beneficial yogic practices, suitable for everyone. You can attend in-person or even begin right now, wherever you are, with a free online program. These practices take only 5 minutes to do, so you can fit them in the mornings just before you leave for your office or just before your lunch or during breaks.

For those who want to make yoga a part of life – these practices set a strong foundation to explore deeper dimensions of life. Brings vibrancy and exuberance in body and mind. They are offered in groups or customised for an individual (in a one-to-one setup).

Tailor-made programs for working professionals and executives to achieve and maintain health, develop clarity & focus in mind and incisiveness in decision making. 

-More focused and relaxed individuals lead to better problem solving, better decision making and enhanced productivity.

Learn a few simple fundamentals to ensure good health for yourself. It includes practices that can be learnt easily by anyone without any prior experience in yoga, sessions on healthy eating and right food choices.


Customised programs for individuals suffering from chronic diseases like diabetes, cardiac conditions, allergies, respiratory issues, various acute conditions and psychological issues-programs for nearly 30 diseases to aid faster recovery and enhanced rejuvenation of the system.


The program introduces yoga to children, in an environment of fun and joy. It allows each child to develop health, inner peace and an opportunity to flower at their natural best. 


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Why Isha Hatha yoga?

At Dhyanam Yoga we offer Isha Hatha Yoga programs in their classical form, as they have been transmitted for generations in the Yogic traditions. The teachers have undergone an intense training of 1750 hrs at Isha Yoga Center, Coimbatore, and the practices are delivered in a very meticulous manner without any changes or innovations. In our programs, we comprehensively explore various dimensions of this yogic science that are largely absent in the mainstream today.

Our Approach

“Physical postures are only one aspect of yoga. Yoga has to be taught in its full depth and dimension.” – Sadhguru


We carefully create a conducive ambiance for our students to imbibe the nuances and subtleties of this yogic science delivered in the form of physical practices of Hatha Yoga. In our classes, the instructions are verbally accompanied by audiovisual demonstrations. Sadhguru’s videos played during the classes give deeper insights into the practices that are being taught.

Also, we avoid any external distractions in the form of music, using mirrors or props, and correcting our students by physically touching them. The entire set-up is to help individuals internalise our offerings, have an in-depth experience of Yoga and not merely as an intellectual concept or a philosophy. 

 Isha Hatha Yoga Teacher Training: What makes it so Unique

About me

I'm Bhupendra Mishra

Bhupendra started his journey with the simple meditation “Isha Kriya” offered online by Sadhguru. The impact it created was enough to intrigue him and look for more.  He undertook one of the most comprehensive and internationally recognized 1750 hours of Isha Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in 2015, at Isha Foundation, Coimbatore…

What Participants say

In just a week’s time, everything started falling in place. My energies were soaring high, my life started to make more sense, and things began to look much clearer. My focus has become as sharp.
Saatyaki Jadhav
Resident Doctor
My blood pressure remains under control now and the pulse rate which used to go up to 90, now stays around 70-72. Hatha yoga has helped me become more relaxed and conscious.
Devraj Soni
IT Professional
I used to be very exhausted by the same tough routine of life. I have to say that Hatha Yoga has given me the mental clarity I need in my day-to-day life and I feel more at ease in my relationships because yoga has taught me self-acceptance
Riddhi Buch
Senior Bank Manager